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The Gypy’s Son : A Romany Gypsy Family saga

03/05/2017 Adult fictionteen  2 comments

The Gypsy's sonWhat can happen when a surprise of love comes in your life? This story is about caring for others and taking them into your family and the surprises you find when you do that. Gideon the Gypsy finds a run away boy in the country side of Cornwall, the year is 1953. When Gideon tries to return him to his Mother she has disappeared, so he takes the boy with him and Finn grows up on the road as a gypsy. And why is an 8 year old boy running away?

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The Bee Keepers Apprentice

10/01/2014 Adult fiction  15 comments

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was a cool, sunny  day in early April , and the book was by Virgil. I  had set out at dawn from the silent  farmhouse, choosing a different direction that my usual-in this case southeasterly, toward the sea-

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An Unlikely Match

09/09/2014 Adult fiction  6 comments

15830812It Isn’t every day that an impoverished young gentleman inherits a sizable fortune and an estate. Nickolas Pritchard, not only mpoverished and young but a gentleman as well, felt his luck acutely the day just such a remarkable inheritance fell upon him.

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