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Coming Home

05/18/2013 Adult fiction  5 comments

51DWcNH2piL._AA160_“DR BRADLEY WILLIAMS TO EMERGENCY. DR Bradley Williams to Emergency.”

The disembodied voice repeated itself and Brad slammed his locker door with a resounding clang. He winced more from his touch of anger then from the sound. “Not another one,”he groaned as he left the doctors lounge at a run. He’d already delivered three babies today, the first one shortly after four o’clock this morning. He hadn’t seen the inside of his office once all day, and he’d been counting on getting home in time to see his kids before they were all in bed asleep. Days like today hadn’t bothered him when Cathy had been with the children, but now … Now flashes of anger colored his reaction more than he liked to admit...

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Snow Shadow

04/19/2013 Adult fiction  6 comments

img_20130419_071953-e1407086078910-143x150“This is treacherous in this weather. I was not aware how much—” I did not pull away from his touch, though I wanted too. Not because it was Preston Donner’s hand, which was a firm support, but because — was I ever ¬†going to be allowed to forget? I called on the armor I had so harshly learned to wear. Luckily the path now narrowed, so we had to go single file. With a murmur of excuse he went ahead. And was not looking back when there was movement among the bushes to my left. Later, when it was very necessary for me to recall details of what or what I thought I had seen. I was not sure. How much was true how much imagined?

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Shadow Song

04/01/2013 Adult fiction  7 comments

516EEwfusoL._SL500_AA300_Shortly after midnight I got out of bed giving up the struggle to understand my emotions. Like my response to Cole’s music, I could find no simple explanation for the unfamiliar longings inside of me, but hoped that a few minutes in the night air would clear my head a little. Without bothering to turn on a light, I reached for my robe, stepped into my slippers. Then unlocked the sliding glass door which opened onto a small wooden balcony. The night breeze was cool against my face as I moved to the railing and stared into the darkness…………

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