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Mama, Will You Still Love Me?

11/05/2017 children  No comments

Anna’s Mama is going to have a baby. Will her Mama still love her when she comes home with the new baby? Read this beautiful story and find out.



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The Night Before Christmas

12/14/2014 children  5 comments

A Visit from St. Nicholas













By Clement C. Moore

Illustrated by Mike Terrell


Since its original publication in 1822, Clement C. Moore’s classic poem “The Night Before Christmas” has been woven into the fabric of Christmas tradition around the world. From his depiction of jolly St Nicholas to the names of his reindeer, Moore’s vision had helped shape the picture of the holiday season as we know it. In this newest edition, Moore’s timeless tale is brought to life through the vibrant and lively illustrations of artist Mike Terrell for a new generation to enjoy.



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More books by Robert McCloskey

11/07/2014 children  17 comments










Homer Price is an unusual boy. He likes to invent things to make the world better, and wants to help the people around him. In his home town of Centerburg people get out of the was when they see him coming. His inventions sometimes tend to go a rye…

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