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Picture Books by Robert McCloskey

10/16/2014 children  13 comments













BlueberriesSal is on an adventure, picking blueberries with her Mother.  Little does she know there is a surprise waiting in the blueberry bushes.






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Peter and the Starcatchers

01/09/2014 childrenteen  10 comments

Peter and the Starcatchers

Peter and the Starcatchers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Peter and a handful of other orphan boys are taken from St Norberts home for wayward boys and loaded onto a ship the Never Land sailing to a far off place. With them goes a box by mistake, with something powerful and mysterious inside.

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Danger at Sneaker Hill

04/03/2013 children  363 comments

Susanmy9WkR1euY1wilAfnxiyT_Q is excited and nervous about spending spring break with her Aunt Minerva and cousin Mathew. Her aunt is always doing something new and exciting when she comes to visit. What will Aunt Minerva take up next? This time she is apprenticing to become a witch. Mathew highly disapproves, he wishes he had an ordinary mother. The evening Susan gets there Aunt Minerva is called to take her final tests and become a full fledged witch. She disappears without a trace leaving her familiar an owl named Shadow behind.

“Open the the skylight,” Shadow ordered. Very slowly, the owl lifted her wings and stretched them out to either side. Susan had never before been so close to such a big bird as Shadow...

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