Mama, Will You Still Love Me?

11/05/2017 children  No comments

Anna’s Mama is going to have a baby. Will her Mama still love her when she comes home with the new baby? Read this beautiful story and find out.



“I  may not be home tonight,” said Mama as she prepared to leave. Daddy was packing her things in the old farm truck for the long ride to town. “Cindy will be in charge while I’m away.” Mama smiled at the children. “Mama don’t go! said Anna. Please! She clung to her mother. I have to go Darling. “Our baby is going to be born soon and I have to go see the  doctor.”

I think all children have that fear if they are old enough to think about it. I have watched my own children struggle with the fact of a new baby in their home. This story reminds me of when I was a little girl waiting for my mother to have my little brother. I wrote this story to remind us all that a mothers heart has no boundaries where love is concerned.


This is my first book of many to come, I hope you like it.


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