Short Stories & Poetry

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These are some of my own writings.


When I watch the sun come up,

I see a symphony in the sky.

Rays of sunlight sparkle through the clouds,

as the sun bursts over the purple mountains.

It moves steadily upward,

shooting rays of sunshine toward heaven.

Birds fly across the sky,

leaving black shadows on the ground.

As the sun moves through the sky,

the earth is bathed in golden light.




I watch the black clouds build up

against the purple mountains,

spilling across the face and

dropping down to the plains below.

Lighting flashes across the sky,

with the sound of thunder right behind it.

The rain falls down in torrents,

refreshing the earth below.




The sun falls toward the western mountains.

Burst of orange, yellow, and blue, color the horizon,

as the sun sets on another day.

The sky fadees to purple, gray, then black,

as the stars come out,

sparkling in the sky above.

So ends another symphony on the sky.


Remembering 9/11

Remember when the towers fell?

When terror struck the hearts of men?

When children sobbed and grown men cried,

the world stopped for a moment then.

We grateful were our loved ones lived.

Our homes were safe in our neighborhoods.

We saw the ones that gave their lives,

for FREEDOMS sake and then we cried.

We see the pain that was endured,

the sorrow and the kindness,

the sharing of a nation.

Now Remembering…..

Means love to those,

who care to make it happen.



Mama Will You Still Love Me?

“I may not be home tonight,” said Mama as she prepared to leave. Daddy was packing her things in the old farm truck for the long trip to town.

“Cindy will be in charge while I’m away,” Mama smiled at the children.

“Mama don’t go!”said Anna. “Please!” She clung to her mother.

I have to go Darling.

“Our baby is going to be born soon and I have to go see the doctor.”

Anna remembered snuggling with mama when she’s read her favorite books to her. She felt the baby move, and Mama would always say,

“This is our new baby Anna, coming to our house..” Anna was excited but she was also scared. Would Mama have time for her when the baby came? Anna wish Mama wasn’t going so far away.

Mom I’ll take care of things,” said Cindy. The other children chimed in that they would be good.

“Mama please hurry back.” Anna looked unhappy as they went outside to wave goodbye

Mind Cindy and do your chores while we’re gone,” said Daddy, as he helped Mama into the truck.

I’ll call Hank on the truck phone later to tell you what’s happening.”

“Okay Dad.” they all shouted.

Cub sidled up to Anna and licked her face wanting attention. Anna petted him as she watched the dust trail along behind the truck as they drove away. Anna stood there along time after the others returned to the house. Hank came over late that afternoon to help Cindy and Ben milk the cow. Hank was Daddy’s hired hand.

“I haven’t heard from your Dad yet,” said Hank, his eyes twinkling.

“Do you think my Mom might be having the baby then ?” Ben asked.

“I don’t know maybe.” Hank grinned as he squirted Ben with a warm stream of milk. Ben jumped back yowling and wiping his face. Cindy laughed as she headed back to the house with her pail of milk.

“Stay out of the way Ben,” she said.

After dinner the boys all went outside to play in the warm August evening.

“Come play hide and seek Anna,” Ben called from outside. Anna got up with a sigh and slamming the screen door as she went out. She played statues, and freeze tag with her brothers as the sun dropped below the mountaintops, setting the sky aglow. Anna swirled around and a round in the grass until she was so dizzy she fell down, looking up into the sky as the stars came out. Would Mama still love her when the baby came she wondered? What would it be like having a baby around? As they went to bed Cindy prayed that all would be well for Mama and the baby.

In the middle of the night Anna woke up. She heard pounding on the door and Cub was barking. She reached out in the darkness for Cindy.

“Cindy wake up!” Anna shook her arm desperately. Cindy finally stirred.

“What is it Anna?” She asked as felt around for the flashlight.

“Someone’s at the door.” Anna felt frightened. Who could be at the door this time of night? Cindy woke Ben and they ran upstairs. Hank was at the door.

Your Mom had her baby!” Hank shouted excitedly, its a boy.

Your Dad is going to call again tomorrow  on the truck phone.”

“Thank you Hank for coming over to tell us.” “We’ll see you in the morning.” Cindy closed the door.

“Anna, Mom had the baby and its a boy!” Cindy was excited as she and Ben came back downstairs. Anna looked into the darkness.

“Cindy” she said in a small voice,”do you think Mama will forget us now the new baby is born?” Cindy came over and hugged her.

“It won’t be like that Anna,”she replied “Mom will still love us and the new baby too.”

“Besides new baby’s are fun.” Cindy climbed back in bed. Anna felt a little better.

The next day Daddy called and said they would be home in two days. It seemed like forever to Anna. Cindy wanted the house to be clean for Mom when she returned. She bossed them around, not letting them play until the chores were done. Ben and the other boys grumbled about having to do girl chores.  Cindy and Anna went to Moms room to get the baby’s things ready. Anna tried to stack the baby’s clothes on the dresser but she kept knocking over the baby’s things and spilling baby powder all over the floor. In desperation, Cindy finally sent Anna to the living room to make some hearts to decorate the baby’s room with.

“These look really nice.” Cindy hugged her and then hung the hearts over the baby’s bed.

Come on Anna,” called Ben from the yard. Anna could here the truck coming. She ran to the door and looked out. The dust settled on the road as Daddy pulled up. Anna felt a flutter of nervousness as she opened the door and stepped out. Everyone gathered around as Mama climbed out of the truck with a bundle of blankets in her arms.

“Let me see, can we see?”they clambered. Mama walked slowly toward the door. They all trailed in as Mama sat on the couch, unwrapping the baby.

“Say hello to your new baby brother,”she spoke softly.

“Oh He’s so tiny,” said Cindy, “look at all that hair.” Anna looked at her baby brother. He was beautiful.

“Mama can I hold him?” she asked.

“Yes,” Mama answered, “come sit by me.” Anna sat by her mother, Mama put the baby gently in her arms. Then she put her arm around Anna and squeezed her up close. Anna felt safe. She looked at her baby brother again, noticing how tiny his hands were. Anna reached out and put her finger in his little fist. He held it tightly. Anna felt a wonderful warm feeling fill her heart.

“I love you baby,” she whispered.


These are some poems I wrote years ago when I was a single Mom of five young children. Some of them have titles but many of them don’t.


Farewell to thee my heart,

I was true to thee until the end.

What did I do to lose thy love,

I do not understand.

I faithfully stood by thee,

In all that thou did do.

It hurt to see thy love for me,

Turn to cold gray ashes.

The pain of lose was very real,

But slowly pain of heart mends.

As the wrenching pain,

Of separation fades……

I say to thee farewell.


I prepare for bed.

Get dressed and kneel

to say my prayers.

I climb in bed.

Two pillows but

just one head.

As I prepare for bed.


He brought me to the portal of my mortal life.

He said, it’s time to go my child.

I looked at him a moment, just a little bit afraid.

He looked back at me and smiled.

I looked forward with resolve to return to him someday.

I saw my earthly mother there, with pain upon her face.

He held my hand, I felt his love.

And then…. I stepped into my mortal life.


What does a pine tree think about,

as it stands as a silent sentinel

upon a granite mountain.


Baby snuggles to my breast.

I feel the warmth of his baby breath.

As I stroke his cheek softly,

I wonder in awe,

At this marvelous gift,

From Hevean above.



Come to me my child.

With outstretched arms,

I wait for you.

I will come to you Mother….

When I am ready.