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Flight in Yiktor

03/06/2013 Science fiction  18 comments

1026540-205x300Who am I?

Three wanderers. Three exiles. Three quests linked together between the moon of three rings.

MAELEN: Exiled thassa sorceress, stealer-of-bodys, Moon Singer; she returns to her forbidden home seeking renewal and redemption.

KRIP VORLUND: Telepath starman in a forerunners body, he seeks to stop the pirates from plundering the galaxys most ancient heritage, and most fearsome weapons.

Farree: A hunchbacked child with no memory of a past nor hope for the future, his only friend a venomous hunting pet: he seeks  his wanderers turned companies, they are exiles turned champions on a single path to three destinations

“There is nothing to fear,” That was the other one, the female,who spoke now. Beside the fairness of her companion she was a fire glowing—hair as red as one of Russtif’s oi...

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