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Star Man’s Son

03/13/2013 Science fiction  2 comments

3742989061_fd2c332024_mTo be one of the Star Men , honored by all the tribe, consecrated to the gathering and treasuring of knowledge, to the breaking of new trails and the exploration of lost lands – he, Fors of the Puma Clan, had never dreamed of any other life.

Fors lives two hundred years after the Great Blow-up, the atomic war, a Star Mans son but mutant, with night sight, to-keen hearing and silver hair that sets him apart from other members of his clan. His father a great Star Man roved the lowlands looking for safe city’s where forgotten knowledge might be discovered and brought back to the clan, mapping roads and trails, bringing light out of darkness. Fors’ ¬†father is killed on his way home from a trip to the lowlands and Fors’ dreams of becoming a great Star Man like his father are dashed...

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