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A Train to Potevka – An american spy in Russia

03/16/2013 Adult fiction  7 comments

3617Completely covered in ice from the sleet, snow, and pounding wind, the old train from Siberia, with its baggage of refugee passengers and frozen freight, looked like something alive as it struggled against the angry storm. It had the appearance of a huge white serpent, its large yellow eyes peering out into the darkness, slowly twisting and weaving its way past the endless snow-covered towns and villages on its 6,000-mile journey across Mother Russia.

Mike Ramsdell was the only foreigner in the train, an american agent – hurt and desperate to get away from a failed mission. His first person account of his dealings and escape from Russia and other story’s in this book are amazing and miraculously. He tells of escaping from the KGB and a miraculous Thanksgiving in Potevka...

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