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03/08/2013 Adult fictionteen  6 comments

I0308131609 was the only passenger for Dusk….

To arrive at Dusk at Dusk sounded a little absurd but whoever had given the little Wyoming town its name must have done so at  such a moment…..

When Angela meets Janet Bradford at college they become fast friends. Janet invites Angela to visit her family’s ranch in  Wyoming for the summer. When Angela gets there a day early, she decides to walk out to the ranch not knowing how far a little  ways is in the country. She meets Janet’s cousin Jay on her way there which includes a little dunk in the creek and being shot at.  Jay’s coming has stirred up the family especially Janet’s grandfather Judd. This makes for an unexpectedly different summer  vacation. There are some surprising twists and turns to this story.

Love finds us in the most unexpected mom...

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