The Gypy’s Son : A Romany Gypsy Family saga

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The Gypsy's sonWhat can happen when a surprise of love comes in your life? This story is about caring for others and taking them into your family and the surprises you find when you do that. Gideon the Gypsy finds a run away boy in the country side of Cornwall, the year is 1953. When Gideon tries to return him to his Mother she has disappeared, so he takes the boy with him and Finn grows up on the road as a gypsy. And why is an 8 year old boy running away?

Finn’s mother had lost her purse while shopping and runs back to try to find it leaving Finn with his baby sister. “Oh I wish Mum would come home!” he muttered. With in minutes the milk was gone and her crying started again. “Come on Bryony,” he said, “go back to sleep now, eh?” however, her cries grew more desperate and not knowing what else to do, he made a decision.” Look, we’re going out to meet Mummy now, alright?” She was too tiny to understand but Finn’s activity quieted her for a moment as he wrapped the pink blanket around her. Tucking it in and fixing the hood up on the pram, he put on his jacket and opened the front door. The wind and rain swept in. It wasn’t easy for a boy of eight to maneuver the pram out into the street, but having tackled the step he finally set off down the steep hill toward the town. The driving rain stung his face. He squinted up his eyes but was determined to keep going. At any moment he expected to see their Mum coming up from the town towards them. The night air and the motion of the pram had distracted Bryony at first but her cries became louder. As they progressed, the weight on the pram began to pull him down the hill. Faster and faster they went. Blinded by the rain, and with his grasp slipping on the wet handle, it became difficult to hold on as the pram gained momentum. Soon Finn found himself literally being pulled down the incline at a terrifying speed until he was running to keep up with it. Then he tripped and fell. The pram went hurtling on out of control. Finn jumped to his feet and went chasing after it, but a car with its headlights blazing, sped past him and in its beam he caught sight of the pram leaving the pavement and lurching into the road. The car swerved to avoid it, its brakes squealed but it hit the pram and sent it careening off sideways.

When Finn gets to the scene he finds the pram lying on its side and his sister no where in sight. He calls her name but can’t find her. When people start coming up the hill toward him, thinking he has killed her he runs away. Thus starts his life as a gypsy. Gideon teaches him the ways of the gypsy and raises him as a son. The story follows him through his growing up years and into adulthood. As the years go by, the way the Gypsy’s do things changes to more modern ways. Gideon realizes this may be the last time he will wander through the countryside, so he decides to try and find Finn’s Mother.

English: Gypsy family from Serbia . See also here.

English: Gypsy family from Serbia . See also here. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This book has some really nice surprises. I loved how it showed people can take others into their hearts even when they are strangers to them. I really liked how the story had some twists and turns, then came together at the end. I hope she writes a sequel.

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2 comments to The Gypy’s Son : A Romany Gypsy Family saga

  • Theresa Le Flem  says:

    Many thanks for this thoughtful review of my novel Kate. I’m glad you picked up on the kindness and compassion shown to Finn by the Romany gypsy when he was a young boy, so hungry and frightened, lost in the countryside of Cornwall with nowhere to go. Thank you for appreciating the way the story-line gained momentum, from his baby sister’s accident, to the search for his mother, and on into adulthood as he tries to re-build his life. I wanted to describe Cornwall how it was in ‘the old days’ and how old Cornish country folk care for each other. It’s the one thing that remains timeless. Thanks Kate.

    • Kate  says:

      Thank you Theresa,
      That’s what touched me so much about the story. I hope you write a sequel. 🙂

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