Thoughts on books I read



I’ve been recently reading some books about manipulation and emotional blackmail. I think we all struggle with this in our lives because we have to interact with all kinds of people everyday.  If we recognize is and don’t play into it, our lives would be a lot easier. These books helped me recognize it was happening to me then I could stop myself from getting caught up in it.

In Sheep’s Clothing by George Simon Jr.,Ph.D.,  &  Emotional Black mail by Susan Forward, Ph.D.

some old books i found in the guest room. =]

some old books i found in the guest room. =] (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I’ve been listening to a series by Shannon Hale its about a country named Baeyrn. The first book is called Goose Girl. Its a retelling of the fairytale by that name, then she goes on to write more books about the people you meet in the first book. Its about a girl who learns to speak different languages of nature and how it affects her and others around her. I’ve only just finished the first two books but I really like it a lot so far.


I just read the most amazing book, The Five Love Languages. If we could learn each others love languages wouldn’t we have a more peaceful world? The author is Dr Gary Chapman.

The mark of a good series is how a person grows and changes through their experiences

In the case of Artemis Fowl he was a wicked disagreeable boy who through his experiances changed and found the good in himself.

In the Alvin Maker series, Alvin starts as a child not knowing his potential and power. In the first book, Seventh Son, he starts to learn how choosing right gives you power to do right. I believe we have good and evil in us and when we choose the good we become better people and find the power we have inside. The second book is Red Prophet.

I like to listen to books on tape while I work. My mother started that with our family when I was a child. I’m listening to a book by author Sarah M Eden. She write in what I used to call the Victorian time period. They call them regency novels now. The one I’m listening to is An Unlikely Match. The people she writes about come alive to me. I want to laugh and cry right along with them through the struggles in their lives. A couple of other books of hers I’ve read and liked are, The Kiss of a Stranger and Courting Miss Landcaster.

If  you like Regency novels I suggest you check out these books by Sarah M. Eden

I recently read a book by Kristen Britain called Green Rider. It was published in 1998. There is magic, mystery, and excitement in this book and the best part is that it is a series. 🙂 I love the character and I’m reminder of some of my youthful behavior when I read this book. I’m excited to read the whole series.

I just finished listening to the last book in the Fable Haven series by Brandon Mull. There are five books in this series. I thoroughly enjoyed them. This is a fast paced and intense series. What amazes me is how well he keeps all of his characters believable and true to what he has already written about them. As a writer I know how hard it is to keep three main characters believable let alone as many as Brando Mull writes with in every book. Amazing writer. My daughter and I waited impatiently each time, for the next book to come out in this series. I never did figure out the end until I read it. I’m not as good at figuring out endings as my daughter, and I was surprised how it ended. If you get a chance read this series.

I’m always looking for new authors so I picked up a book called The Devils Looking Glass by Mark Chadbourn the story sounded interesting and the cover looked interesting. I read into it about three chapters and put it down. I couldn’t finish it. Its not that it wasn’t an interesting story but I don’t enjoy when writer’s put in things about other people’s private body parts and sexual innuendo’s every other page. It ruins the story for me. If you like that kind of stuff go ahead and read it.  But its not for me.