Where my thoughts lead me.

20160805_140403-1My fifteen year old son said to me the other day “Mom why don’t you write a blog, you have a lot to say.” I thought heck yes I do so here it goes,

Where my thoughts lead me.

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I’m in a writing group and yesterday we were discussing how people perceive us as writers. Some people think its just a hobby we indulge in and others make fun of us because we are writers. I would never say your job was a waste of time if you provided for yourself and your family with it. Where would the world be without writers like me who share others thoughts and ideas with a lot of people and give perspective to what they hear. The stories of the world are what connect people. I went to Ireland with two of my daughters a couple of years ago,and I was fascinated with the stories of its people and learned some really valuable in site. We as writers can share that with others so maybe they and we wouldn’t make the same mistakes, or we see the good that comes out of it and it makes our lives better. Writers have the chance to tell the stories of the world in whatever way they write. Truthfully its a mentally exhausting kind of work but very fulfilling work.

When I was a child my favorite books were folk tales from other country’s. I loved to learn why they thought the way they did and how they acted. I never could have done that without great writers to share those stories with me, and now I want to be that person for someone else. My husband always says facts tell, stories sell. if you want to sell someone on something just tell them a good story about it.


What does America mean to me?

Children laughing and playing together whatever their color

Family’s going to the church they choose.

People starting their own business and it working

Listening to your kind of music on the radio

Having enough to eat and sharing with others

Having the choice to think differently than others

And respecting them anyway

Linking together in times of sadness and trouble

Having a big heart toward everyone

America is the attitudes of its people

God bless America

I just felt the need to put this out there. As we allow our government to tell us what we can think, we lose what makes America great.

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Today is my 49th Thanksgiving. I don’t remember my first few thanksgivings but I remember as I got a little older we would pack up and travel to a far away city to have Thanksgiving with my Dad’s family. One year the car broke down as we were leaving so we took my dad’s work truck. It had racks on it and wood in the back, he put a tarp over the top and we road in the back. I remember it was cold but we got to go and that was the important thing to us. When we went there we would stay with my Grandparents, and on Thanksgiving day we went to my Aunt and Uncle’s for dinner. We would help set the table with their best dishes and my Aunt always had us put five grains of corn by each plate. When we all sat down for dinner,( there was usually about 20 people or so) my uncle stood and told us the story of the Pilgrims and he prayed. When I was a kid I always thought this routine was so long. Now as an adult I appreciate him taking the time to remind us of those who went before.



The other day I was driving home from somewhere and I saw three Army helicopters flying in formation up the

Canadian geese flying in a flock above Lake Mi...

Canadian geese flying in a flock above Lake Michigan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

valley where I live.  We live by the mouth of a canyon in a fly zone so we see them a lot. I started thinking about birds as those helicopters flew through the mouth of the canyon, geese in particular. How they both (humans & birds) have a determination to get where they are going, how the team is so important, and they don’t leave any one behind. Have you watched Geese fly? I love to watch them fly through on their way to their winter homes. One points the way and when they get tired another takes over and that one drops to the back where its easier to fly. That way they help each other and they all get there. Did you know geese mate for life? I love the loyalty of geese.

When I was young my Dad used to call me his little ugly duckling and he said one day I would grow into a beautiful swan, and I did. I guess that’s why I love birds so much. That, and they are the most amazing creatures to watch. One day I was watching a hummingbird fly. It went in a straight line up up into the sky until I couldn’t see it any more. I just stood there looking up where it had gone thinking the little guy had flown away somewhere, but for some reason I just kept standing there looking into the sky where it had gone. After a few minute the hummingbird came back down in the exact line it went up in. When it got near me it flew off toward the horizon. I’ve thought a lot about that experience and why the bird would fly straight up like that and back down. What purpose did it serve? I think is was just for the Joy of flying. We could learn a lot from these beautiful little birds. We need to do some things in our lives just for the Joy of it.

Print of the Eriocnemis godini from A Monograp...

Print of the Eriocnemis godini from A Monograph of the Trochilidae, or family of humming-birds, 6 volumes, large folio (1849-87)d by J. Gould. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Last week my son was writing a paper at school called, Where I fit in the political spectrum and why. Him doing this report gave me a chance to talk to him about what he believes. My son is a senior in High School and I was interested in seeing his views on the world. He looked up the platform of the republican party and we read through it. We talked about the sanctity of life, gun control, taxes, and what a family is and he told me, “Mom I’m a Republican.” I was happy to see he has really been thinking about the issues.

If we don’t talk to our teenagers and let them know our beliefs and how we feel about the issues in the world we are sending them out there very unprepared to make very important decisions. I’ve been guilty of that and I’ve seen first hand in my own family the confusion in some of my children on knowing what they believe. I thought my children would know our family’s belief system by living with us, but the world is so persuasive on making wrong look right and right look wrong that our children don’t know what to believe sometimes. A young man I know(not my son 🙂 recently said to me, “You make the decision early what your going to do, then you only have to make it once.” I was happy to see he will have an easier time making his way through our confusing world of right and wrong.






Yesterday was my day of rest and now I’m ready for the week.

I read this quote by George Eliot: The golden moments in the stream of life rush past us, and we see nothing but sand. The angels come to visit us, and we only know them when they are gone.

This thought really struck me, are we watching for the golden moments in our life or are we letting good things pass us by without seeing them? Are we focusing to much on the negative and passing by the good that comes to help us?I’ve had people come into my life as angels just for a moment and then move on. I am so grateful for that moment they shared with me and helped me.

Grave of George Eliot (Mary Anne Evans), the E...

Grave of George Eliot (Mary Anne Evans), the English writer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I encourage you to watch for those moments in your life.

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Portrait of George Eliot by Samuel Laurence

Portrait of George Eliot by Samuel Laurence (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




















I woke up this morning thinking about how words affect our lives. Here is an assay I wrote about it a couple of months ago.

Words have changed over the years. Sometimes I see we have become so simple and crude in our speech that we can’t understand the messages of the deep thinkers of old.

Socrotes, Plato, Aristotle, T.F. Buxton. Some times when I come across a message from one of them I have to read it twice to understand it. How can we learn from them if we don’t understand their language of speech? Many of the

Detail of The School of Athens by Raffaello Sa...

Detail of The School of Athens by Raffaello Sanzio, 1509, showing Plato (left) and Aristotle (right) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

words in their day that meant good things mean wrong things now days. When I hear people use words that meant something good when I said them as a youth and now their crude and base I get angry inside, I tell my children “that’s not what that word means!” to which they reply, “ that’s what it means now.”

In movies and books now days they think profanity is the only language that works and I think the 21st century has bought into that. My Dad use to say, you can tell how intelligent people are by their language. The more crude and base their language the less intelligent they are.  What does language say about us? For some of us it says we are leaders while others we are followers. Are we saying words even if they make us feel bad to fit in to the crowd, to be accepted by someone we really want to like us or are we standing up for decency? Are we using them to try and control others, or using them to bless?

Words matter!

What are your words saying about You?






11/3 /16

The first thing on my mind and I’m sure on everyone’s mind is the election, who will be the next President? I wonder how we can make an informed decision when there is so much rude behavior going on between candidates. People are trying to use my religious beliefs to get me to vote for this candidate or that one I think its really confusing and unfair of them to do that to me. (Who said anything about politics was fair?) Maybe that’s what they are trying to do, confuse us so much that we won’t make the right choice for our country or maybe not vote at all. What is right for our country? Do we stay accountable to our moral values or let it be a free for all value system, (anything you think or do is fine.)  I believe our country was founded on moral values and if we cast them aside we will have dire consequences that will destroy the greatness of this country and greatly decrease the freedom of choice we enjoy.

At first I thought maybe I won’t vote I can’t in good conscious vote for liars, cheaters, and immoral people, then I realized there are issues in our state and people at lower levels of government that effect the way the government is run and we need good people there. I have to vote! You have to vote! There’s more at stake that just who is going to be the President. It’s important yes but its more important that we vote for people of good value for our government. If you don’t like the two candidates, look for someone you can feel good about voting for. There are other Presidential candidates out there, but VOTE, don’t let indecision stop you from your God given right to choose.

See you at the polls.